Caledonian Craftsman
Home of traditional woodwork and leatherwork.



Hello and welcome to Caledonian Craftsman!

My name is Kindred Willow and I have been a Woodworker for nearly 10 years and a Leatherworker for 3. After studying at the University of Glasgow and starting a HEMA club, I then embarked on setting up Caledonian Craftsman as an outlet for selling my products after a few years of doing commissions for friends and family.

My philosophy is that, to the best of my ability, I will only ever use responsibly sourced, natural materials - I do not want to be responsible for making anything that will take thousands of years to decompose. I make things to last a life time to try and combat the "throw-away culture" so many people now have, again with the idea of reducing waste and environmental impact.


All my Woodwork is done with a passion for the natural materials I use. All of the wood used is sustainable sourced from FSC certified suppliers or it is collected myself as deadwood on forest floors or driftwood. The wood is then patiently worked with non-powered hand tools, working with the natural lines of the wood and adding to the natural beauty of the wood where possible.


My principles with Leatherwork follow the same outlook as my woodwork, I treat the leather with respect, reducing waste where possible and only buy from retailers that source their leather from reliable, sustainable tanneries from around the world. The large majority of the leather we use are a direct bi-product of the meat industry, none of the leather we use come from animals bread specifically for their hides. Some of the more nonstandard hides we use are sourced from traditional hunters, helping to support their traditional way of life. Leather prducts, when properly cared for can last a life time, and in my view are far more responsible than buying synthetic products produced in sweatshops.