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Scottish Singlestick

Scottish Singlestick


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Singlesticks were used throughout the 18th-20th century being incredibly popular during the 1800’s. They were used both as a past time and as a training weapon for a number of swords including Scottish Broadsword, Sabre and Cutlass. Traditionally made with either leather or wicker baskets with a wooden blade (typically woods like ash or willow) and are still used today in sports like HEMA and WMA.

Having previously worked of the styles of many singlesticks already out there I have now developed my own unique design. Drawing heavily from the style of Scottish Baskethilts, this design gives more protection to the sides and top of the hand over the last versions and have a look like no other singlestick out there.

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Overall Length: 1000mm
Grip Length: 140mm
Basket Width: 120mm
Basket Depth (grip to front): 50mm
Basket depth (grip to back): 45mm
Blade diameter: 18-20mm


These new singlesticks are my third major design. The feature a number of improvements over the last, while carrying over the strengths of previous designs.

These are all hand made with wax hardened leather baskets, the colour may vary slightly as a result of the natural colours of the leather and the wax hardening process. The wax hardening makes these very tough and inflexible giving excellent protection to your hand.

Complete sticks are supplied with rattan blades. While traditionally the blades were made of wood (most commonly Ash), rattan requires less care and maintenance, is less prone to breaking and when it does is safer than woods like ash that splinter and form a point. Even so, care should be given and appropriate power used when sparring/drilling/etc. These are very light so move very quickly, but it is also very easy to use proper power control, this will not only improve the safety of you and your partner (which should be paramount), but also the lifespan of the blade. If they do break quickly then I may consider a free replacement, depending on how the blade breaks, you should contact me to find out more should this happen.

All blades are finished with studs at the base, rather than dowels. I choose to use studs after many experiences and stories of the dowels that are used on most singlesticks breaking frequently,typically whenever a hit landed on the bottom of a basket.

If you have any questions about these please contact me.