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Meyer Dussack

Meyer Dussack


The dussack was a popular training weapon for many single handed weapons in 16th and 17th Century Germany, and eventually became a sport in its own right with tournament dedicated to its use. These handmade wood and leather dussacks are based on depictions found in Joachim Meyer’s ‘Thorough Descriptions of the Art of Fencing’ from 1570 as no surviving examples of training dussacks exist.

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These dussacks consist of a 19mm seasoned Ash core and a padded leather sheath. The wood is wand worked and the handle is rounded off but left with a flat spine to facilitate the use of the thumb on the back of the blade. The leather sheath is folded and stitched with a foam filling, with the leather itself also extending around 10cm from the top of the wood to make thrusts safer to perform. Care is advised when using the dussack and power control is highly recommended to the the relatively high weight and forward weighted nature of the dussack, both to protect your partner and the dussacks themselves.

Weight: 600g
Length: 780mm
Width: 110mm
Thickness: 25mm
’Blade’ Length: 610mm
Point of Balance: 170mm
Grip Length: 140mm
Grip Width: 50mm