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Argyll Targe

Argyll Targe


The Scottish Targe is one of the great symbols of Scottish Martial Culture. First written about in the 1470’s with a history likely much older (they are cited as if they were common even then) they were a common sight in Scottish armies for at least 3 centuries and were carried across the world.

Like many of my targes this was a design I developed myself and was then hand made in Glasgow, Scotland. It is roughly based on designs of a collection of Targes that once belongs to the Duke of Argyll, with circular patterns being the primary motif.

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This Targe is built with combat in mind, it has been kept simple to reduce cost and has no embossing on it to be damaged by sword blows. The core is 12mm Plywood with a facing of 3mm vegetable tanned leather and over 260 studs. The back features a cloth covering with felt padding, a buckled arm strap and a leather handle.

Specifications (all measurements are approximate):
Weight: 2400g
Diameter: 460mm
Thickness: 16mm