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HEMA Customs

2017 Scottish Targe

This handmade targe started with a 12mm thick wooden base, on top of that there is a 3mm thick hand tooled leather face featuring a celtic cross and celtic knotwork held on with over 300 brass studs. The reverse has deerskin backing with 3mm thick leather strap with a  decorated steel buckle and a hand-stitched leather handle.


2018 Viking Scabbard

This scabbard  was made for a viking era sword for a re-enactor who supplied his own throat (top of the scabbard) and chape (bottom of the sabbard). It's constructed wit a wooden core with a veg tan leather covering, the throat and chape are both made of brass and finally some leather lacing was added as decoration.


2018 Edgebana Singlesticks

These singlesticks were ordered for Edgebana 2018 singelstick tournement. All four (one of which you can see here) were customised with the Edgebana logo, but other than that are the same as my regular singlesticks.


2018 Longsword Grip and Scabbard

This Longsword started life as a simple Rengenyei sharp Longsword with a string grip. From here it was given a brand new leather grip, which included a riser and a string wrap effect on the top half finished with a leather turks head knot and a twisted brass wire wrap on the bottom. The scabbard features a wooden core with felt lining, tooled and dyed leather covering with lace lace work at the throat, and two adjustable suspension points, complete with 24ct Gold gilded buckles.
(Belt not included)


2018 Glasgow HEMA Open prize Singlesstick and Dussack

These where made for the 1st place Singlesstick prize and Longsword Technical Prize respectively. The Singlestick is a standard model embossed with an altered Glasgow HEMA logo, as is the Dussack (plain versions of which will be available in early 2019)